Is the monolith something we really need to pay attention to at the end of this very long, no good year? I think it’s a marketing campaign for a CBD company or something, so I’ve been ignoring it. But a Monolilith I can’t ignore. 


Tyra Banks’s first season as host of Dancing With the Stars has been headline-making, from the way long-time host Tom Bergeron was dumped to on-air gaffes on live TV. But, as Duana pointed out, we expect this kind of chaotic energy from Tyra and after 29 seasons (that’s right, 29) and hundreds of celebrity contestants, the fact that the show is still making headlines is a win for ABC. 

Busy Philipps has moved to New York for work on Girls5Eva and is making it feel like home. A few people have emailed to ask if Busy’s husband Marc made the trip with her and honestly, I don’t know. People are even asking her in the comment section of her Instagram, which I do not endorse. I think if she wants us to know he isn’t there, she would tell us.


The Drew Barrymore Show is super kooky and popular and I think it will last through the pandemic. We haven’t even seen what she can do with in-person guests or a live audience yet. It’s very true to her, especially the clothing. Sometimes, female hosts are styled in body-con dresses in basic colours (blue, red, hot pink) with a heel. Drew wears a lot of printed blouses with trousers and long skirts in earth tones, khakis, and plaids. That being said they must make clothing a priority because with brands like Givenchy, Gucci, Chanel, YSL, Celine, Chloe, Stella McCartney, Oscar de la Renta, it’s a big budget. 

It looks like Gwen Stefani is going to step out of country and back into pop, which is very exciting. 


I’ll admit it took me way too long to get this joke… it’s not “Forrest on a shoulder.” 

A week ago, I wrote about Liam’s tribute to Diego Maradona so this week, I’ll include Noel’s. He didn’t cut Liam out of the photo when technically, he could have. Progress? (Please don’t sleep on the caption, “He was under house arrest at the time.”)