Alec Baldwin is so tired. (Just a reminder he is in negotiations for his second talk show; the first one at MSNBC was cancelled after he made some homophobic remarks)

This made me jump out of my seat a little. Every time I see a post from the Roseanne set, I get excited. Loose meat sandwiches for everyone!

So Rita Ora originally captioned this “date night.” I guess Conor has a girlfriend (and I’m sure he’s completely faithful, as most professional athletes are) and his sparring partner wanted to defend him against cheating allegations. But in her defense (HOW am I defending Rita Ora?), they did look flirtatious at the party. The photos are begging for a “canoodling” description. The sparring partner eventually deleted his tweet. MMA fighters: so tough, until they get scared of a Rita Ora post.


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No one wants to hug Joey but this is why everyone loves Chance.


This kind of blew my mind: why wouldn’t Harry be the best man for his brother Larry? Particularly because Young MC can’t commit to attending the wedding.

When did Eminem start wearing a gold chain? I preferred his leather jacket phase.


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Skylar Astin and Anna Camp are that couple that repost each other. You drank wine in front of a fire. We got it the first time.


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Amy Sedaris was Justin Theroux’s best man. What do Amy and Jennifer Aniston talk about?


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