Lavender and light pink are not typical winter colours but that doesn’t mean they can’t work for heavier pieces. Brie Larson is making a case for warm pastels.


We are a long way from new Ted Lasso episodes, so this little update is fun. But was NATE there?

Add another name to the Las Vegas residency list: John Legend. 


I didn’t watch hate-watch Emily in Paris but I did enjoy reading all the tweets about other people hate-watching Emily in Paris. I look forward to season two infuriating many of you. 

Although Jessica Seinfeld gets an outsized amount of press for her cookbooks because of her last name, I can appreciate that she tagged other authors here. To not do that would be dickish. 


Did you know Kevin Hart often tags his posts #livelaughlove? I wonder if he has an “EAT” sign in his kitchen, too. And a “But first, coffee” sweatshirt. 


Issa Rae’s makeup is perfection here. There are not many episodes left of Insecure and this is an interesting show because it’s about characters over plot, so there’s no set-in-stone happy ending needed. To paraphrase Kelli, it’s about growth. 

Here's John Legend arriving back at home in LA with Chrissy Teigen today.