This weekend, Ms. Dionne Warwick had time to gather all of the kids for their stage names. That’s not to say she isn’t a fan, but points were made. 


But that’s not all she had time for: her son Damon tried to send her back to the dark ages (a flip phone) and she corrected him as well. “Good luck getting into MY house without a working key.” I’m screaming. 

She just gathered me for “I’m screaming.” Damn! 


And don’t ask her for gifts, she’s not Santa. 

Speaking of Chance (The Rapper), there is a very interesting lawsuit happening with his former manager who claims that Chance (The Rapper) derailed his career with a rushed album and poor rollout for The Big Day. There’s a thread here that is very familiar: an independent artist gains mainstream success and becomes surrounded by sycophants and hangers-on (including family members who know nothing about the music business) who lead them to bad deals and decisions. The details of the lawsuit are here.


Jackée Harry is the friend who answers your call in the middle of the night. The responses to this tweet are making me cackle. Someone suggested she say, “worship and prayer” – this is why Twitter is undefeated. 

Elizabeth Banks started a trend with “Hanks on Banks,” then it was “Grease on Reese,’ then “Perry on Kerry,” then “Stark on Mark.” I love that Mariah went with “Carrey on Carey” – it’s an easy rhyme but it does fit her ethos (Christmas) and that’s the most important thing. I’ve been thinking really hard about this and all I’ve come up with is “Moss on Kloss” (Kate Moss sitting on  Karlie Kloss).


Am I to understand that Mario Lopez is a Colonel Sanders who f-cks? Apparently this is real and only 15 minutes long. He comes 11 herbs and spices. (Please don’t hate me, it had to be said.)