Seems kind of silly to talk about something other Succession or Jeremy Strong’s profile in the New Yorker but I will branch out just a teeny bit to Naomi Pierce (Annabelle Dexter-Jones, who was not in Sunday’s episode). Here she is with her siblings Mark and Samantha Ronson and sister-in-law Grace Gummer. Do you think they pester her for spoilers? 


There is another celebrity interview that hasn’t gotten as much traction as the one mentioned above but is a fascinating read: Jeff Garlin (from Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Goldbergs) was interviewed by Vanity Fair’s Maureen Ryan about vague reports of misconduct on the set of The Goldbergs. Ryan does an incredible job of asking questions, and detailed follow up questions, on what exactly happened, who holds the power on set and what is appropriate conduct in a creative workplace, while Jeff Garlin gives lengthy, detailed answers. It’s a conversation about something uncomfortable and they both listen and respond to each other, which sounds basic but doesn’t happen that often in this kind of format. More often than not, it’s defensiveness (from the celebrity) or a lack of follow up questions (from the interviewer).  


I covered Brie Larson yesterday because of her pastel winter coat and she’s done it again with this crochet look from Miu Miu (if you are so inclined, it’s available here). Pricey, but there are a lot of these kinds of candy coloured knits this season and for those of us who don’t love red or metallics or don’t want to dress in head-to-toe Kardashian brown all the time, it’s another palette option. 

Pete Davidson took over Calvin Klein’s Instagram and I’m using it as an excuse to post ONE more thing about Succession. About the dick pic: did HBO have to get permission to show the Calvin Klein underwear waistband?


Celebrity friendships are often more interesting than their romantic relationships. But that isn’t the case with JLo, who has provided us with multiple romantic love stories over the years but is not attached to any of the LA cliques. But I am curious about her standing with Leah Remini, as the two have been very tight for a long time. Bennifer 2.0 had their first sanctioned Instagram appearance via Leah’s account (click here for a refresher) but it’s been quiet between the two friends on social media for months. Now this could be how they roll— if you are friends in real life, do you need to show off? A true sign of deep friendship is that you don’t need to flex for strangers. Right?


Simu Liu was on this latest season of Selling Sunset (he filmed it after Shangi-Chi) and I feel like we were a little ripped off because we don’t know if he bought the house. But his willingness to play ball with a reality TV show cast (the look of amazement on his face when he visited the office was so adorable) was very endearing. He was so excited to ring the bell.