Jessica Simpson is working on new licensing agreements; what do you think is next? Obviously her team is looking at retail numbers but I would say skin care is extremely saturated and she should try furniture, diffusers (it seems like everyone has or wants one), bath products, and pajamas. Once upon a time she had a hair extension line and I think she was actually ahead of her time and that’s why it didn’t work. She could re-vist it.


The Jeremy Strong profile has reached the point where it is not about Jeremy anymore, but about people’s reaction to it. Personally, I think it’s wonderful that they so perfectly cast the role of Kendall, a man who is not in on the joke. If Jeremy played the material as comedy, it wouldn’t work. It’s undeniable that he is excellent in the role. And we should all appreciate a profile that is about a person and their process, rather than overly scrubbed PR pieces or celebrity-on-celebrity interviews. The only person who I think comes off looking bad is the snitch who worried about the Yale drama department budget. Imagine being concerned that Yale will run out of money. (In real life, don’t you worry about Jeremey: he’s not on social media, is hotly in demand, summers in the Hamptons with RDJ, attended multiple cast functions in Italy – contrary to the idea that he is not liked by his castmates – and is about to have his third child.)


It also made me think of a story about another Succession actor that didn’t get as much traction but is also very interesting: Kenneth Lonergan (who is married to J. Smith Cameron) wrote about Kieran Culkin for the Variety New Power list and it was not exactly flattering, calling him “aggravating” and “bad arguer.” For every point about what a great artist he is, there’s a counterpoint about how irritating Lonergan generally finds him. It’s very funny. (All of this friction has led to great results on the show.)


T-Pain is correct in that clothing sizes fail a lot of people but I humbly suggest another solution: combine size ranges instead of creating half sizes. For example, if sweater comes in two sizes, S/M or M/L options, I think it makes it easier to choose for those in-between a traditional number size (which vary wildly between retailers).

Flip to the last photo to see the custom ornament. Was this a gift, or an Etsy order? Monogram ornaments are my go-to hostess gift (though it’s been a while since I’ve been to a proper holiday party). And if it was a custom order, who made it – Ant or Renee? My guess is Ant. 


Bella Hadid is going back to VS (formerly known as Victoria’s Secret), supportive of their revamped mission to not be gross. It’s a big coup for the company and an interesting choice for her career, but there hasn’t been much press around it. And nothing I’ve seen on social media.