Naomi Campbell and Ms. Janet, just because. The cheekbones!


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Another day, another January Vogue cover. This time it’s Cardi B., adding to Stella McCartney, Ashley Graham, and Greta Gerwig. Anna Wintour gave Cardi her stamp of approval a while ago, so a cover was inevitable. It’s a great shot, very pared down but still has Cardi’s energy.


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Chrissy Teigen answered people’s questions about what it’s like to be a celebrity: where do they find assistants? How often do they change their phone number? What is day-to-day life like? 


If memes are a measure of popularity, Netflix has a social media hit with Marriage Story. What I find interesting, having not seen the movie yet, is that there’s a gulf between critical reception and the way audiences are reacting to it online. For such a prestigious film, how do they deal with it kind of being made into a joke? Or does that not matter because the numbers are strong and the overall campaign for an Oscar is on track?

Henry Cavill is taking up the newsboy hat, the preferred topper of actors and rockstars. Or as The Cut calls it, a “wool pancake


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Eminem has a new verse on a Fat Joe song and he raps about Mariah Carey, because they dated for a hot second in, like, 2001. Can you imagine being so captivating that nearly 20 years after a minor relationship, this guy is still in his feelings about you? Nick Cannon is also mentioned in the verse, and he responded by calling Em irrelevant. He is. Eminem has strong “OK, Boomer” energy. Meanwhile, Mariah is thriving in her season.


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