We are very acclimated to celebrities telling us all their opinions so most of the time it doesn’t sink in, but what’s the line here with these kinds of tweets? Should wealthy people be influencing their fans on how to invest? It is empowering? Or is it girl-boss hollow, tapping into a lot of the worst things about society (socioeconomic disparity and desperate get-rich-quick impulses)? 


Goop has made a holiday commercial and it’s GP being cheeky, creating gift bags for celebrities with very prominent name tags (ie: a scarf for Taylor Swift, a sex toy for Kim K. and Pete Davidson). It’s a straight-up advertisement that taps into G’s relationships: do you think she had to ask permission of her friends? I think maybe she did, just to keep it on the level. She also asks if she should write a holiday party hosting book, which means it’s already in the works. I disregard any celebrity hosting tips unless they start with the truth: have someone else clean your home and cater. That’s the secret to their wonderful holiday parties. It’s easy to sing carols around the baby grand with Kate Hudson when someone else is making sure the Beyond Meat pigs in a gluten-free blanket are not going to burn in the oven. 


Kristen Bell as a celebrity personality doesn’t do it for me but her work choices are really good. This satire of the miniseries or movie based on a woman-in-the-window, spotty-memory-from-too-much-wine novel is a brilliant idea and she is a perfect casting choice. Really looking forward to this. 

Britney Spears’s Instagram continues to be her go-to place to communicate (and judging by how many photos Daily Mail and TMZ are running of her, some places are not going to stop doing business the way they’ve always done it). She chose a SexyBack remake here and when Britney does tell her story (via Oprah or a book or however she chooses), where do you think she will fall on JT? My prediction is that it will not be aligned with what social media thinks of him. 


As Lainey said, this is a couple that would make sense but it’s kind of fun that they both often are unpredictable in their public dating life. But they are both young and there’s still time. Plenty of time. 

Still living in the world of the Jeremy Strong profile in which he would not comment on the record about his role in the Guy Ritchie movie The Gentleman. Thank the gossip gods for real celebrity profiles! They give and give and give.