Fenty Beauty has a lipstick called Griselda and one was sent to Catherine Zeta-Jones, who just played Griselda in an ill-conceived biopic (the script was probably written on the back of a napkin). But this got me thinking – Rihanna as Griselda. That would be something to see.

I love watching reruns of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a show that is beyond offside. (Remember Charlie Got Molested?) Glenn Howerton is in a new comedy with Patton Oswalt and it’s set in a high school called A.P. Bio. 

Donatella Versace did 73 Questions for Vogue. Yes, she clarifies how to pronounce Versace. But my favourite exchange is this:
Interviewer: “What are you reading right now?” 
Donatella: “Magazines.”

Kelly and Mark’s daughter Lola commented on this photo, “Stop posting riverdale [sic] photos we get it.” She’s 16. She’s embarrassed. This is the equivalent of having your parents drop you off around the corner from school.


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As Lainey said, Katie and Jamie have kind of come out (but also kind of not). They’ve both posted photos from the weekend, she with her styling team and he with Donald Glover. But what does the non-acknowledgement accomplish at this point? 


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Chris Rock is co-starring in Adam Sandler’s next Netflix movie, The Week Of. I don’t think anyone is expecting much from this, but I hope they go on Howard Stern together before the release. Howard is really good at interviewing stand-up comics.


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Say “prune”: The Olsen twins for Balenciaga.


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