HBO Max chief content officer Casey Bloys spoke to TV Line about the upcoming Sex and the City revival and said that the series will focus on the women in their 50s and, most notably, how friendships change and “fade.” This seems to allude to how they will explain the absence of Samantha Jones. So this will not be an escapist fantasy focused entirely on materialism and racist tropes like the second movie which was an absolute mess, from top to bottom. It will be about friendship, which I’m down with because, as the saying goes, “a reason, a season, a lifetime.” Some friends are a season, but I’m curious as to how they frame it as Samantha was, in my view, the most loyal and least-judgmental of all the friends. Carrie would be the most likely “season” friend, as she’s entertaining in small doses but also a self-absorbed monster. Did Samantha fade out of frame or was it a falling out? That I would like to watch – I wonder if they ever pitched it to Kim Cattrall that way. What if we bring Samantha back and she’s at odds with Carrie? Was that ever part of the conversation with her?


Kevin Hart did not look over his Amex bills (I assume he has an Amex) and a personal shopper allegedly charged $1 million to his credit cards. The most embarrassing part of this is that the guy used part of the money to buy KAWS dolls. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been banned from Instagram for spreading falsehoods about the COVID-19 vaccine. This has been a long time coming. Robert is married to Cheryl Hines who, as of this morning, is still on Instagram. What do you do when your spouse is banned from a social media platform – quit in solidarity? Stay on so they still have access to an account? I looked back a few months and see nothing specifically on her account about COVID or vaccines, but there is one photo of her wearing a mask (for a hangout with Laura Dern). Can you be married to not just any anti-vaxxer, but THE anti-vaxxer, and disagree with his views, or is that kind of a dealbreaker? 


It’s Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr.’s first Valentine’s Day together this weekend. There are two kinds of couples: those who think getting engaged on Valentine’s Day is romantic (usually publicly, like at a restaurant) and those who would rather get hit by a bus en route to the restaurant. What kind of couple do you think they are? They strike me as a “ring hidden in the tiramisu” type. 

Yesterday Lainey wrote about Jennifer Aniston possibly dating someone new. It also came out this week that Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock will be working together for the first time and immediately, my head went to the lower-tier tabloids. Will they frame this as “Sandra and Brad in Love – Jen Betrayed Again!” or “Sandra plays matchmaker to Brad and Jen!” Oh and of course Jen or Sandra will be “pregnant”, maybe both at the same time! Yet no baby will ever materialize. Jennifer Aniston has been pregnant more times (sometimes with twins) than all the Duggars combined.


Put Nicole Byer (who is a ray of sunshine in human form) in a rom-com already. We need it.

This morning, Vanity Fair dropped “Carl Lentz and the History of Hillsong” and that is what I will be doing this afternoon. 


Today I’m also going to finish Pretend It’s A City. When it dropped, Lainey said she hoped it would appeal to the Fran connoisseur while her friend Iain said every 25-year-old would be obsessed with her. Well, Lainey was right. Fran is not the collective obsession of under-30s, her clips are not going viral, her content is not being extracted for TikTok. She is solidly for older millennials and Gen-X’ers, maybe some Boomers. You know what I love, consistently, about the series? Martin Scorsese just absolutely busting a gut at everything she says (as parodied on SNL). He’s so tickled by her. And of course I love the discourse about Leonardo DiCaprio and the electronic cigarette because Fran is not someone who bows to celebrity. She observes it and understands it, but she doesn’t worship it and there is no way she is deferential to Leo and, going by the stories of their interactions, I think he enjoys it.