Drake showed off his Super Bowl bets on Instagram. I don’t know who’s playing or any of the names so can’t tell you about his chances but I do think Drake would make for a good half time show one day. 


How Brooklyn Beckham got this much play on Vogue is questionable and the dishes are… a little basic. I’m going to make an educated guess that Brooklyn funded these videos and I’m wondering how much Victoria Beckham’s brands spent on ads in Vogue this year? Just curious. 

Anderson Cooper’s son Wyatt is so adorable and now he’s a big brother to Sebastian. I know a lot of young Sebastians – do you think he will go by Seb, Baz or his full name? In my observation, Baz is the most common nickname. 


What does the Beyhive have to do with Emma Roberts? Well it was her birthday and she got a shoutout from the official Beyonce.com website, which usually favours baby photos. But Emma didn’t get a baby photo and that has led some (like the incomparable Hunter Harris) to question whether there’s something new dropping from Bey. Maybe Team Parkwood is too busy with new work to be sourcing elementary school pictures right now.


I feel like every few months there’s a new wax figure conversation and this time it’s about Zendaya. I don’t have an opinion because it’s wax and there are limitations. Why do people get so upset about whether a wax mannequin looks real? Perhaps we, as a society, need to let go of wax figures as entertainment?

The other day I was thinking about how Warren Beatty was a legendary womanizer and met Annette Bening and was like “OK, I’m done now.” Just like that. And George Clooney (not as legendary, but still a movie star) did the same when he met Amal. Both men married up, for sure, and it’s nice that they recognize it. But one thing Warren isn’t doing is splurging on Valentine’s Day. Anette describes it as “economical”. Maybe a night out at California Pizza Kitchen?


There’s a rumour floating around that Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone have split which, um, her 25th birthday is in June.