As Lainey noted, Justin Theroux wasn’t at Jennifer Aniston’s A-list birthday party. Yesterday in this space, I wondered if he would “like” Amy Sedaris’ birthday tribute to his ex, but he did much more than that – many of you sent me the post below. Fierce is the word of choice. An affectionate nickname is included (there’s already so many guesses on what “B” means). It’s a sign of respect and admiration between two exes, sure. But it’s performative too. Remember, when Jen and Justin were married, he was always game to participate in the triangle narrative, making it a square. If we look at the stories coming out of Jen’s birthday, there was of excitement about Brad. And as much that Justin fronts like he doesn’t care about Hollywood, like he’s so uninterested with what goes on there, he wasn’t going to let Brad have this. Boy sh-t really is the best sh-t. 


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David Spade is getting a late night talk show in the 11:30 pm slot for Comedy Central. He’s seasoned and experienced but does he have the fan base for that time slot, on that network? Late night is already so competitive while losing its prestige. There is no “must watch” late night talk show.  


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At least three times a day a “I can’t believe Natasha Lyonne is dating Fred Armisen” comment comes up in my Twitter feed. It’s the Internet’s Russian doll.


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There was a story floating around that Russell Wilson bought Ciara’s master recordings for her as a Christmas gift. Because it generated from a shaky source, I double checked before posting and turns out it’s not true – he did not buy them because she already owns them. She has always placed importance on owning her work –  there’s video of her talking about it here (via Complex).  


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Is James McAvoy wearing a velour tracksuit? There’s something uncomfortable about this.


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I caught up on SMILF this week and Connie Britton is really doing her best work since FNL, partly because the writers have found a way to show how a character like hers (a wealthy white woman with a household staff she both berates and befriends) centers herself in every situation, which pushes all the women in her life (from caretakers to her daughter to retail workers) into the margins. She’s funny and awful and lonely and prejudiced, but combined with Britton’s natural empathy and timing, she is so entertaining. 


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Throwback photos, a caption and an emoji -  Beyoncé is really celebrating Kelly.


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