What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve been corrected on as an adult? Mine, which I mention often, is not realizing that Flo Rida is from Florida.

This seems like a lot of medical gear just to get a shot.


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I love that Asahd is often wearing a bracelet. It accents his chubby wrist in just the right way. Is he the youngest person with over a million followers on Instagram? Actually he’s at 1.8 million. 


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The Row presented at NYFW, so we have another picture of the Olsens to get us through the next 6 months.


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Since she dropped reputation, Taylor has opted for no comments on her Instagram posts, which means her fans and detractors can’t post on her feed. But that doesn’t mean they’re inactive – they just find anyone connected to Taylor (like Karlie Kloss) and post there. It’s not an opt-out, it’s a redirect. 


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If they have a girl, do you think they will give the baby a princess name, like Briar or Elsa? This nursery is going to look like a Disney store. 


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Have you ever gone to one of those loud teppanyaki restaurants where the chef flips a shrimp into someone’s mouth? Salt Bae is the celebrity equivalent of that. David Beckham looks slight embarrassed with the whole spectacle. 


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 It took me 20 seconds to realize that it’s not actually a baby. Whenever I see Kristen Schaal, I have to trace back to where I recognize her from. I always land on 30 Rock but she’s one of those people you know you know, just not immediately.


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