A Roy Kent and Oscar the Grouch meet-cute! This reminds me that Ted Lasso is coming back and it could, theoretically, be the final season. I would be OK if they stuck to their original three season plan.


The next generation of gossip is approaching. The Gen-X celebrities whose children grew up together (and attended the same playdates, birthday parties and schools) will date more publicly than any other generation before them thanks to social media. Ryder Robinson (Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson’s son) is dating Iris Apatow (Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow’s daughter). Add to this Frances Bean Cobain and Riley Hawk (Tony Hawk’s son), who also went Instagram official recently. It’s all happening. 


Yesterday, Cody covered Naomi Campbell’s Vogue cover and as he points out, it makes a lot of sense that she went with Edward Enninful over Anna Wintour. The story was short (for a profile) because Naomi was only able to give up one hour of her time on a WiFi call as she traveled. While there was of course talk about her friendship with the OG supermodels (the docuseries is still happening!) and the models of today, it was hinted that Naomi is saving a lot for her book. If it happens (and I think it will, because who is more disciplined and determined than Naomi?) it will truly be a historical fashion document because Naomi has an excellent memory. When she posts about her friends, she recalls in detail the dates, people, places, shows etc. As for the rumour that the Vogue cover would include some paternity announcement, not only did that not happen but there was no mention of it at all, which is of course purposeful. She made it very clear that her baby will be by her side and her privacy protected.


In her interview, Naomi spoke about Linda Evangelista and offered words of support. Linda’s first photos since announcing she was disfigured by a cosmetic procedure are in PEOPLE this week


I just finished Mayor of Kingstown and while the show is wildly uneven and sometimes absurd, I think I “get” Jeremy Renner now. He has presence on screen. The show is co-created by Taylor Sheridan, the writer behind Sicario, Wind River, and Those Who Wish Me Dead. He’s also the co-creator of Yellowstone, which I call Boomer Game of Thrones. Yellowstone’s audience has grown immensely thanks to streaming and Paramount+ has several shows on order from Sheridan, including the new 1883, Lioness (with Zoe Saldana), and 6666. He’s a prolific world builder and his formula seems to involve the same hook in the pilot (which I won’t give away) and a movie star leading the show (like Kevin Costner and Jeremy Renner). But Yellowstone and Mayor of Kingstown could use a major overhaul in how they write women, who are either ridiculously overcompensating “hard asses” in the boys club or long-suffering wife and mothers wringing their hands in worry. (And I’d love to read a critical analysis on how his shows treat policing and the US penal system.)