Did Lainey already talk about Bebe Rexha writing a demo for BTS? Bebe talked about it on Instagram live.


Happy Gilmore is a big deal in my house, the height of golf comedy. I have a question now about Adam Sandler’s comedies (not including his more serious work, like Uncut Gems or Funny People): do his characters have sex? Or is sex just implied via a love interest? Because sometimes his characters are very infantile and no one wants to see little Nicky get down, right?


Sarah called Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Margoddamn delightful” which we don’t hear a lot these days. I’ve been reading interviews with the stars Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, who also famously wrote Bridesmaids together. Annie Mumolo has a “story by” credit on Joy, which has come up in interviews. I’m interested in hearing more about this but Annie is tight-lipped. She has said it was “tremendously scary” and “heartbreaking” but if she gets into it, it could affect her future work. This is a story that will one day come out because David O. Russell is too much of a known asshole for it not to.


A spot of joy for the timeline: Paddington 3 is a go! (It really is, minus Harry Styles.)

JLo has tried to connect with TikTok by doing the dances and hanging out with the popular kids and creating her own challenges, which haven’t really caught on. It’s a tough thing to go viral. You know who’s really good at it? Drake. But I don’t know if they’ve talked since prom.


Dolly Parton tells her home state she doesn’t want a statue in the best, most Dolly way possible.