Have you watched Fergie’s performance of The Star-Spangled Banner at the NBA All-Star game yet? It will take you through a range of emotions: discomfort, bewilderment, distress, amusement. But most of all, fontrum. Unbearable fontrum.


I think Dr. Dre’s daughter posted this to his account because she posted the same photo and caption on her own Instagram page. At 53, Dr. Dre is really no different than any father of a teenager – his social media is subject to approval of his children. (Side note: Do you think Dre’s daughters and Eminem’s daughters hang out?)


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Elizabeth Hurley wished Hugh Grant luck at the BAFTAs. I find it interesting that she used a throwback to when they were a couple, instead of a more recent shot. But they are one of the few exes that I believe are close friends – no one could fake it for 18 years. (When they were dating, her friends called him Grumpelstiltskin. Ha!)


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My guiding light Wendi Deng had not posted on Instagram since the “Is Wendi Deng a spy?” story came out. But the Lunar New Year is a reason to celebrate.


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Do you think Babs and Richard Marx did an impromptu duet?


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Apparently Katy and Orlando have been “flirty AF” on Instagram (you can see the evidence here). I don’t know if these exchanges warrant an “as f-ck.” It seems pretty lukewarm.


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Do you follow Betches on Instagram, or read its Bachelor recaps? The “millennial-focused media brand” is working on an animated series at Comedy Central and Emma Roberts is attached. I’m not shaking my fist and yelling “get off my lawn” about this because men with popular Twitter accounts have been given TV deals, so why not a group of women with 6.1 million followers?


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Is the “I heart mom” tattoo so old-school it’s become cool again? Like records and typewriters. 


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