This… is… impossible… to answer?! It would totally depend on my mood and I crave pho more often than ramen, but I crave ramen more intensely than pho. I didn’t need to go this deep on soup, Wale. 

Taking a cruise is a personal decision, but I wonder if some non-cruise people would change their position if they could go on a Golden Girls cruise. It sets sail from Florida, naturally


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It’s been such a long wait for Jane the Virgin to come back, especially with that cliffhanger. I kind of care more about what happens to these characters than anyone on Game of Thrones. I just want Game of Thrones to stop torturing us. 


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There are obviously a lot of posts about Karl Lagerfeld today, but only this one includes “baby diet goals” as part of the caption. 


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You know what’s interesting in the Best Chris debate? Since the engagement, many have knocked Pratt right off the list. This couple rubs some people the wrong way. What is it? The twee-ness?


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It was so kind of Mindy to wish Ike a Happy Birthday, it means a lot to him!


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Yesterday Prem wrote about Shawn Mendes’ Calvin Klein photos, an important coming-of-age moment for young celebs. Noah Centino is also working with Calvin Klein but his underwear ads feel different because, unlike Shawn, Noah didn’t need to be re-introduced to us as an adult. Maybe that’s why they aren’t blowing up on social media: we expect Noah to be in his underwear. 


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