Spice Girls say what? People think this means there is a reunion in the works but you know what they should also be working on? A biopic. 

I had to look the lyrics up and he’s right. Basically the dude was creeping the personal ads while his girlfriend was asleep. It’s the down-low swiping right of the 70s and 80s. 

I’ve watched Mom – I actually think the premise is interesting (mother/daughter and their friends are in recovery). But it’s still a Chuck Lorre production and a lot of the jokes punch down – especially at ethnicities. One particular joke that turned me off was about Vietnamese cooking. If the joke was on Bonnie (Allison Janney) or Christy (Anna Farris), that would be fine, but it landed on the idea that Asian food is weird and mysterious. These kind of small jokes are a way to denote a rough character’s no-filter, un-PC worldview, without making them seem outright racist. (Kind of like the New York Times doing a profile on a Trump voter.)


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Kate Hudson charges her La Mer cream with crystals. I mean… has she spoken at a goop conference yet?


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I love that Iman remembers what they were wearing 30 years ago! Imagine how much the clothes and the event meant to them if she remembers not only her own outfit but also Madonna’s.


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Charlie Puth is in his feelings about Selena Gomez, saying she was hung up on someone while they were dating. (Dear Charlie: No sh-t.) But beyond that, the interview is interesting because Charlie freely admits he is motivated by material things: Range Rovers and country club memberships. Usually artists (of every kind) stick to the script. It’s about the work, never the money or awards or commercial successes. He wants a home studio with expensive candles and is planning his career accordingly. Some might say that materialism isn’t healthy, but neither is fame – and so many of them are motivated by that bright light. 


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