Puzzled by the “That’s Not My Name” videos (in which famous actresses recap their movie roles)? This is an explainer from Vulture. I haven’t posted about it because it encapsulates a lot of the things I don’t like about social media because it’s a ham-fisted crossover between the Instagrammers and the TikTokers (there’s BIG difference between the two groups). There’s something so robotic and soulless about it, like an oil company tweeting about Pride month. 


Frances Bean Cobain is dating Riley Hawk (son of Tony Hawk) and this made my Gen X heart swoon. (Flip through the album to see more.)

If you are as confused, distressed, embarrassed by and addicted to And Just Like That… as I am, showrunner Michael Patrick King sat down for a Q&A with Kate Aurthur from Variety and she asked all the questions. What’s interesting about his answers is how he places the fans front-and-center in a lot of his decisions and the writing reads that way. But I also found his read on why people are laughing at (and not with) Che and confused about Miranda is way off base. He said it’s because people are defensive about their own long-term relationships and marriages. That’s… not it.


Tom Brady has officially retired from football and will probably have a similar second act to David Beckham, with lots of brand partnerships and maybe team ownership or an alcohol brand. On the flip side, Gisele could come out of semi-retirement and start doing runways again if she wanted to, but I’m not sure if that kind of schedule or travel is what she wants. I also expect them both to lean way into wellness – he already has his TB12 line and she has a meditation and yoga company. They will likely settle in LA, right? And if so, which social group will Gisele join? Jennifer Garner and the Brentwood moms? (This makes sense because of their children’s ages and Gisele and Jennifer are (were?) friends – never forget it was Gisele who tipped Jennifer off about Chrissy O. on the jet!) It could also be Tom, Gisele, JLo and Ben, which would be fun (for us). 


I… screamed. Twitter has risen to the occasion with this pregnancy.