We need a new FOMO acronym for people who miss out on Black Panther. (And far be it for me to comment on Jo’s process but she should have definitely have gone to see Black Panther.)

I’m sure James and Ines will be very happy in their new home.

Jessica Biel went to a bachelorette party in Vegas. I’ve been to many of those (including my own) and it’s dinner and dancing and sometimes we talk about getting organized enough to see a show but never do. Usually we all want to see Britney – that’s probably not on Jessica’s to-do list.


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Back in 2013, the New York Times wrote a story on Colin Quinn’s Twitter feed, a masterful combination of hack comedy, clichés, one-liners and faux-sincerity (it is equal parts exasperating and funny). But to maintain that voice through a health scare? That takes commitment.



I mentioned this briefly a week ago, but I wanted to bring up the “Amy Schumer secret wedding” headlines again. Is something a secret if you tell everyone about it like a day later? Just because she didn’t make a formal announcement beforehand doesn’t mean it was a covert mission. 


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I love reading film critics (like Sarah) who intertwine cultural context, behind-the-scenes studio wrangling and film history into their opinions. But I like Chrissy Teigen’s movie reviews, too.

We can definitely add Gus Kentworthy to the list of breakout stars from this years Olympics. 



Will Smith is really good at the ‘gram. Excellent, actually. And in this recap (yes, he recaps his own social media) he says he avoided it because “in the past to be a movie star you needed mystery and separation.” It’s true: so many of the A-listers who disavow social media say it’s about privacy, but it’s really about strategy. And Will thinks the old way of doing things  – staying mysterious – doesn’t necessarily work anymore. 


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