Ben Stiller reposted this from Ethan Hawke, and then Ethan commented, “There’s no secret handshake. There’s an IQ prerequisite, but no handshake.” Underrated line. It’s interesting to imagine where these characters would be today (not that I’m asking for a reboot or sequel), but Troy would definitely be all over Instagram, right? And Michael would work at a private equity firm that invests in tech start-ups.


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I love The Cut’s How I Get It Done series, and this week it’s Amy Sedaris. Like many pet owners, her day starts with an animal in her face (in this case, her rabbit Tina) and that is where she splurges – on julienne carrots for Tina. Also she gets wellness advice from Justin Theroux because he’s very fit.


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Andy King is famous now, there’s no getting around it. But I have a question I don’t think the documentary answered: how did they know that the customs agent wanted head from Andy? I feel like this is a very specific thing to assume, and there was no explanation as to how or why the team thought that Andy sucking d-ck was the solution to their brokerage fee problem. Because it turns out, he didn’t have to do it and it didn’t even come up at the meeting. So I feel like we are missing part of the story. 


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Today is Rihanna’s birthday but we get the present. Star signs are over because there’s a new zodiac: Google your birthday + Rihanna and see what outfit comes up. I got an LBD outside of Giorgio Baldi. She was on a date with Drake. 

In the last few years, Halle Berry has worn several similar red carpet gowns – body-con, long, plunging, sheer. This is totally different from her usual look, particularly the shape of it, and it looks so good. 


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The Hollywood Reporter’s profile on Dane Cook came out last week and it explores ideas of fame, dwindling fortunes, authenticity and the role of gatekeepers. Denis Leary spoke to THR for the piece and said, “In the world of celebrity, the more famous you get, the more friends you lose. And Dane's success was so huge people were jealous in droves." That can certainly be true, but comedians like Seinfeld are revered and I don’t think the piece really explains how comedians differentiate between selling out stadiums and being a sell-out. Still, it’s an interesting read. 


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