Ryan Reynolds has purchased an ownership interest in Aviation Gin (you can read more about the deal here). After seeing how Clooney’s Casamigos blew up, I’m sure a few celebrities are looking into this type of business. Ryan will be so hands on, he’s even made an email address public: [email protected]. If you are so inclined to try it, I can confirm you will get a response.


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It really does look like someone else’s arm. 


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Olivia’s yellow shorts suit is a perfect lunch outfit for a fashion event. It’s eye-catching but it’s not extra. 


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Aaron and Lauren Paul named their daughter Story. Story Annabelle Paul. There’s a lot of room here for her to use both her first name, her full middle name, or different nicknames.


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Stylist Elizabeth Stewart gets the best Julia Roberts videos. The pointing, the laughing, the goose honk laugh. 

Heather Graham is making her directorial debut with Half Magic, which I am into seeing and not just because she’s clearly in the Ageless Unicorn Blood Club with Rob Lowe and Paul Rudd. 


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Piers Morgan, who definitely thinks he’s funnier and wittier than Modern Family executive producer and writer Danny Zuckberg, doesn’t have the range.

“Neither does Hogwarts.”

Taylor Kitsch watches ice dancing. And if that doesn’t do it for you, here he is on a bike (he can’t ride, but who f-cking cares?!). 


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