Some celebrities are still doing the “That's Not My Name” videos on Instagram and while they aren’t technically breaking the law, this is a crime. 


David and Victoria Beckham obviously accept that their children are famous, but it seems they didn’t want them to be “working” famous as children. Harper isn’t auditioning for Nickelodeon shows. As the three boys hit their late teens/early twenties, all have a certain niche – Brooklyn was a photographer (now he’s a YouTube home chef). Romeo is a model/footballer. Cruz signed with Scooter Braun a while back and seems to work on music, but hasn’t released a single yet (unless I missed it?). That could change soon. 

Justin Bieber had to cancel a show in Vegas because of COVID and Scooter Braun posted this on Instagram. And while no one should be shamed for getting sick (COVID is everywhere!), I find it odd for a manager to be so flip about his client canceling a show. And that it’s supposed to be “LOL” that when preparing for that show, Justin went to a very crowded event (the Super Bowl) and didn’t appear to wear a mask around others? If I’m a die-hard fan who arranged my schedule around attending this concert in Las Vegas, I’d be very disappointed. Sh-t happens, illness happens, and cancellations happen, but if I was the artist and this was my manager, I’d tell him to take down the revelry several notches.


Aaron Rodgers posted a very loving tribute to his ex-fiancée Shailene Woodley. Is this a conscious uncoupling or a move to rekindle? Judging by the picture choice (and it’s social media, so that’s an important metric), I’m going with the latter. Will a big public display of gratitude work?

Edward Enninful had a very exclusive birthday dinner with the most glamorous group possible. But why is the table so small? There are eight people sitting a table for four. Even if it’s just drinks I need elbow room. And this group would get any table they want, so it’s not like they got stuck there.  


As I continue to focus on next-generation gossip, Millie Bobby Brown is dating Jon Bon Jovi’s son, Jake Bongiovi (dad uses a stage last name). Millie just turned 18 and Jake is 19 and they have matching hair (at least for the day). Adorable teenage love. Jake’s dad had epic hair in the 80s, he clearly got the follicle genes.

This two-piece Miu Miu look is burning up Instagram (there’s one every season: see the Tom Ford breast plate and the Fendi crop sweater with stomach strap). It’s so famous it’s already been knocked off by fast fashion retailers, a true test of popularity. Personally I love this look on Nicole Kidman because it’s fun and not at all what you’d expect her cover to look like. 


Sam Hunt’s estranged wife Hannah is pregnant and has filed for divorce. People get divorced all the time, and sometimes when they are pregnant, for a lot of different reasons and it’s not necessarily messy. But the details of this, including her citing adultery and some rumbles many have heard about Sam, is messy as hell.