Victoria Beckham’s line has seen an uptick in menswear-inspired suiting – trousers, button downs, tuxedo jackets. This particular Chloe Grace Moretz suit is Fendi but I did a quick check and she does indeed wear VB sometimes (Harper’s Bazaar did a little story on VB’s influence on Chloe’s style – you can see more examples here). And in Brooklyn news, he’s reportedly not happy at Parsons in New York and looking to make a move to another school. Will it be LA? Or Miami, to be close to his dad’s new work commitment?


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This Valentino dress photographs for a cover better than a red carpet. The bubble skirt/fitted hem is not an easy cut to navigate and Kate Mara’s shoe choice was weak. But from behind? Very photogenic. 


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I am forcing myself not to watch the second Tiffany Haddish clip until I meet all my deadlines today. Kathleen is making that hard for me. But this photo of Reese Witherspoon being the third wheel BFF will sustain me. 


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We’ve seen more of pregnant Kristen Dunst than I have expected. Will we get a baby photo? Not a full face, but maybe a foot or hand.

At the Gucci show (it’s Milan Fashion Week), some of the models carried sculptures of their own heads down the runway (creative director Alessandro Michele says he was inspired by a 1984 essay centered on identity, politics and cyborgs.). Very arty, very esoteric. At the Tod’s show, the models carried puppies. Sure it’s a ploy to make dumb dumbs like me squeal with delight (side note: squeeeeeeeeee), but if you think of fashion as a utilitarian force, Tod’s actually has the right idea: you are more likely to carry a puppy down the street than a fake severed head.


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So Michael B. Jordan is not just tall but also a good son and a sexy nerd. You really burned him, random guy on the Internet. 

Have you watched Claws? Last I heard, it was renewed for a second season so if you can track down the first season, do. Karrueche was a pleasant surprise – she can act and definitely has a sparkle to her. 


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Ray of Light is 20 and I will always associate that album with Lola Leon – she was just a baby when it was made. The Ringer did a deep dive into the work, the recording, the success and the process behind Ray of Light – it’s an interesting read