John Boyega is the latest celebrity to talk about his love for the Real Housewives (he watches Atlanta, which IMO is the most consistently entertaining franchise, alongside Potomac). Jon Hamm spoke about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with Howard Stern, and Jennifer Lawrence talked about it as well while she was promoting a movie and in her Vogue 73 Questions segment. This isn’t to say Real Housewives occupy the same lane as a Jennifer Lawrence or John Boyega – being a reality star is not the same as being an actor, they are different jobs with different expectation and skill sets. But that’s not to say reality TV holds no value because why -  with so much prestige TV available - does the topic of Housewives keep coming up? Because it’s popular, both in the ratings and online. That’s a fact. The first franchise debuted in 2006 and it’s never been as culturally ubiquitous as it is now. This kind of fame can’t last forever but whenever the downturn happens, it’s been a good run.


Like Brad Pitt, Travis Barker now has a skin care line. But he will promote it, unlike Brad who won’t touch his own skin care brand, even when he’s doing an interview about it?

I usually wouldn’t link to a story I have not yet read myself but it’s Vulture, which I trust and it’s about a screaming match on the set of Don’t Worry Darling so we are all going to to read this. (Honestly, the only positive press this movie can get right now is from the Mayor of Flavortown.).


Another brooding British man with luscious hair is a breakout star of Westeros – Fabien Frankel. I’m watching House of Dragons but I still don’t get his motivation for doing what he did last week. Is he just a straight up psycho incel? The character, not the actor, obviously.


So let’s just rip the Band-Aid off: there’s rumblings about Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson’s status. Last time I mentioned it (September 15), I dismissed the rumours as they had recently been papped together. I’m bringing it up again not just because of the blind items on Deux Moi (which are not verified in any way), but their own social media behaviour. The both posted an ad: not only did she not tag him but they do not follow each other. She follows over 600 people and he follows over 200. It would be different if they followed no accounts or just charity accounts or something like that, but they both follow friends/coworkers/other celebrities/industry people. It’s hard to spin this as something that isn’t a reflection on their current status. Social media isn’t everything, but it’s not nothing, either. 


If Leonardo DiCaprio really wants us to believe he’s as into Gigi Hadid as sources say he is, he should wear one of her Guest In Residence jackets in public and be photographed in it. He never supports his girlfriends publicly in any way, shape or form, so this would be a big step up.