Last week, Leonardo DiCaprio’s stardom was being debated on Twitter because of this article in Slate, “Was Leonardo DiCaprio Already A Star Before Titanic?” There seems to be a generational fault line here. I, a Gen Xer, think he was absolutely famous – he built his buzz on Basketball Diaries and solidified his serious actor status with What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (which earned him an Oscar nomination) and exploded with Romeo + Juliet. I will not stand for this early 90s erasure. 


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Justin Bieber has been really focused on the numbers for Changes – he wants to be number one and is not shy about wanting to be number one. But number one now is different than pre-streaming number one because there are so many different charts.

In addition to Billboard, there are Spotify and Apple Music and video streams, different measurements of success and the big fandoms (of Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga) are constantly fighting about flops. They call everything a flop and spout off numbers and stats and percentages. You need a calculator to be a fan.


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Miley Cyrus is doing a relief concert in Australia and some tabloid will tie it into Liam. Cody Simpson is also Australian though. 


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Raf Simons is moving to Prada, a family fashion house, as co-creative director with Miuccia Prada. This will be huge for their profile as celebrities love Raf. At Milan Fashion Week, Charli D’Amelio was a guest. Who is that? A TikTok star – my son was talking about her this weekend because she has over 29 million followers and is 15 years old. And we can moan about the youth or we can embrace the fact that influencers are evolving into digital performance artists.  Posting a peace sign selfie from Bali with the caption “Not all who wander are lost” doesn’t cut it anymore.  


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The power of Gigi Hadid.

Kaavia James is perpetually over it in every single photo and it is adorable.


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The Beckhams were in Whistler, which is about a two hour drive from my house. My sister was in Whistler this weekend and didn’t see them, which is disappointing. But about the trip logistics: Romeo (17) brought his girlfriend along, but Brooklyn didn’t bring his girlfriend, Nicola Peltz. When Brooklyn was dating Hana Cross, she often traveled with the family, attended Victoria’s fashion shows, and was with them constantly. Brooklyn seems to get serious pretty quickly and has had a few girlfriends who spend time with his family. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Nicola. Is it because she lives in LA or something else?


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