Hilary Duff is doing promo for How I Met Your Father and she’s been pulling out some low-key but very solid looks like this one for The Kelly Clarkson Show. Wearing a shirt under a tank-style dress is highly underrated in my opinion.


Take this with a huge, massive grain of salt, but The Sun is reporting that Victoria Beckham has filed papers that show she is still part of the business side of Spice Girls, which The Sun is interpreting as her joining the band for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. It’s quite a jump as it doesn’t seem like Victoria has done anything new on the legal side, but rather she extended an already-existing contract and, of course, she would still be part of the business side because of royalties and merchandise. If the Spice Girls were to reunite with all of the original members, I don’t think it would be worth the time for her to do a one-off concert, considering the time her other businesses take. (This is a way for The Sun to set up another story down the line about her “snubbing” the Jubilee and her former bandmates, even though it was never on the table. Still, they can make her look like the bad guy.) While I don’t think the Jubilee will happen, what if a different carrot was dangled like… Las Vegas. Think of it: the world’s biggest pop stars work in Vegas and there’s a lot of room for nostalgia, it’s a steady schedule with easy access to LA (or, for Victoria, Miami), the schedule can be just a few days a month of shows and they are paid gobs of money. There would be budget to make it a huge stage spectacle and the gift shop could be set up like a Spice World set. They’d sell a lot of tickets and it’s not the massive commitment of traveling stadium to stadium. 


Another day, another celebrity beauty line: GXVE By Gwen Stefani at Sephora. This one makes a lot of sense because Gwen is passionate about makeup, she’s talked about her process for years and how she uses makeup in her performances. She’s also run multiple other businesses (like LAMB) and she fully commits to a job when she takes it on. Like I said, it makes sense but with so many lines being introduced over the last year, it’s such a noisy market. 


Did you binge Cobra Kai for the low-stakes nostalgia or watch it with your kids? If so, I highly recommend reading this CBC story featuring Japanese-Canadian translator Yukari Oyama Peerless as she translates the nonsensical Japanese writing featured on the show, which is another example of the lack of true AAPI representation on TV. While Cobra Kai reveres Japanese culture via the memory of Mr. Miyagi, they didn’t get a lot right (which is sheer laziness on productions part as they need to pay for a proper translator and cultural consultant).


Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley had breakfast together and I’m sure she will wag her finger at anyone who talks about it but after his public Instagram post, it’s kind of expected. So is this a morning-after breakfast or a “let’s meet for coffee” situation? Either way, OF COURSE Aaron is the guy who wears a bandana over his face instead of a mask. Of course he is.