Demi Lovato’s mother Dianna has written a book (this isn’t a case of a rogue relative – Demi appears on the cover and wrote the forward). I read the excerpt in PEOPLE and I’m very interested in the rest because both Demi and Dianna have been through treatment, so there’s insight into addiction and mental health. Demi has never been one to shy away from that discussion, and it doesn’t seem her mother will either. The excerpt included details about Demi disobeying curfew at 16, with Dianna asking, “What do you say to your child when she is the one paying most of the bills?” This is something most parents of child stars will never discuss even thought it is crucial to the story. Think of how headstrong and determined any teenager can be – and combine that with them paying the mortgage every month. How does that imbalance feed into every other aspect of the family dynamic? 


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Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library has given out its 100 MILLIONTH book. It is the largest children’s literacy organization in the world. 

There’s a new Martin Short interview in Vulture. He doesn’t talk about Marlon Brando f-cking Richard Pryor, but it’s still a delightful read. And I really loved being reminded of Jiminy Glick asking Mel Brooks, “What’s your big beef with the Nazis?”


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Ike Barinholtz must know that he’s actually the awe-struck CIA guy that gets to witness Wakanda’s greatness.

Canada’s original Internet boyfriends in the alley behind MuchMusic. (If this sentence makes no sense to you, you have never mainlined poutine while watching Mitsou videos at 2 am.)


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Journalist Carli Velocci posted an important question on Twitter: what details in TV/movies piss you off? Some of the most common responses in the thread are: empty coffee cups, full breakfast that no one eats (especially on a weekday, they just grab a piece of toast and run out the door while bacon and eggs are on the table) and hanging up without saying goodbye. All of these are certainly annoying. One that sticks out for me is specific to Gossip Girl – they would travel from the Upper East Side to Brooklyn to say hello. Even though they all had cell phones. And Friends – who has time to meet their friends for coffee BEFORE work? But back to the coffee cups – they look empty to me. 



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