Are Jason Mamoa and Lisa Bonet working things out? That’s the report floating around although the original source is hard to track down. I’m holding out on it being confirmed until I see it on TMZ or PEOPLE with some sourcing. But I wouldn’t be surprised because like the Twitter thread said, “You don’t wanna be out here.”

There are some cultural touchstones from the early part of early COVID in North America, like Tiger King (a terrible documentary that had the benefit of a captive audience), Some Good News (which John Krasinski sold – whatever happened with that?), and Love Is Blind, a reality TV show that fit with our collective isolation. The second season has dropped and going by my feed, it’s still a fun watch. I haven’t started yet for a reason I will get to below, but we are seeing headlines and maybe a new reality TV star is born in Deepti, who seems to be a breakout hero

So the reason I haven’t started Love Is Blind is because I’m focused on The Righteous Gemstones and I KNOW I’m late but hot damn I am obsessed. The show is between seasons so it’s a great time to catch up. I often have to watch an episode twice because Danny McBride cracks me up so much I miss some of the dialogue. 

When I saw these photos in the Daily Mail I thought “that doesn’t look like Sasha Obama?” but the pictures are grainy and I figured a photo editor would know better than me. Well never give the Daily Mail the benefit of the doubt because it was Aisha Tyler. Do you remember when the face bite information came out and everyone was trying to guess who it was? Well at the time, someone guessed it was one of the Foster sisters (I can’t remember which one) and she said it was flattering that anyone thinks she could even get close to Beyoncé at a party to touch her. They are both friendly and extremely polite, but people can’t just enter their bubble or they’d never be safe enough to go out. Here, Aisha looks pretty close to the table which means they either signaled to Julius (or whoever was on security) that Aisha is cool, or the security guards already knew her, or they waved her over. I would love every single detail of how this went down, just from a logistics standpoint. Fred Savage once told a story about being school parents with the Carters and working up the courage to say hi to Beyoncé (they worked on Austin Powers together) and she immediately said she remembered him but didn’t want to bother him. His reaction, of course, is please bother me anytime.

Euphoria is done for at least a year (maybe two?) and the young cast will be picking up other work and building a career that goes beyond this which can’t last past high school, right? For more cast dating news, it looks like Maude Apatow is dating Lukas Gage, who was in season one. And he was in White Lotus (along with Sydney Sweeney). I’m convinced he’s going to be a big star.