Did you read about Pamela Anderson’s split? There’s a question of whether or not she and producer Jon Peters were officially married, but they did announce their union. Twelve days in, they are pulling the pin. And this is what makes Pam an underrated celebrity. Think of her trajectory: 90s sex bomb, early 2000s nostalgia act, present day hot mom matriarch. I realized that she’s undervalued when watching the reboot of The Hills; she showed up to sage her son Brandon’s new home. Pam has been through it!

Right now it feels like so much about celebrity image is calculated and contrived and audiences are so cynical, but I don’t doubt her intentions. I don’t think she was pulling a publicity stunt. It was real, which is what makes the fact that it lasted less than a fortnight so interesting. Wouldn’t you love to have a girlfriend like Pam? She could give great advice and would always have amazing stories.


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I’m sorry, excuse me, I know it’s Monday and no one needs any negativity but what in the ever-loving f-ck is a BACHELORETTE ANNIVERSARY? I rage texted this to Lainey on the weekend, when I’m sure she just wants to be left alone with her dogs, but I needed an outlet for my frustration. Bachelorette anniversaries are not real, are they?! No, they aren’t. No one else does this and you cannot convince me otherwise. 


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Janet Jackson has embraced “Janet Jackson Appreciation Day.” I would love for a high profile Super Bowl guest to wear Janet Jackson’s face on their clothing to the game next year. The photos would be everywhere. 

The New Yorker has a review up of the first four episodes of Justin Bieber’s Seasons from one of my favourite culture writers, Naomi Fry. Seasons, like Miss Americana, does the job of telling, but not quite showing, the trouble these two young, super famous celebrities are going through. In both documentaries, you are watching people who are always on, the need to perform is ingrained into their personalities. That can be fascinating (like in Madonna’s Truth or Dare, when Warren Beatty said, “She doesn’t want to live off camera, much less talk” – there’s insight in that). Madonna is a trailblazing pop culture figure who knew who she was and how to elicit reactions from the audience; that was also a time when audiences were not as acclimated to the strategy behind “candidness.” Reality TV didn’t exist. Celebrities weren’t shooting Instagram stories from their beds.

The moments that stick have to be something spectacular, like Katy Perry calling for start time. I don’t know if Justin or Taylor can let it go as much as Katy did in that moment. 


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It’s kind of funny that we all have collectively decided to pretend Joe Alwyn is famous outside of his relationship with Taylor Swift. Be honest: would you know his name if not for Taylor? I can’t say that I would. His team must love it – so much free press he doesn’t have to work for. 


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Following in Dina Lohan’s (aka White Oprah) example, Lindsay is now managing her sister Aliana Lohan’s music career. This should go well.


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Edward Enninful hosted a BAFTAs party alongside Irina Shayk, Riz Ahmed, and Charlize Theron. Bradley Cooper showed up and he and Irina posed together, which Edward then posted in the  photo album. Clearly things are copacetic – conscious uncoupling wins again.


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