In early January, I guessed that Gigi would secure a Vogue cover this year and now here it is. It’s a small victory because I thought it would be a family photo shoot with Zayn and baby Khai, but that didn’t materialize (at least not yet). 


Oh and Gigi’s dad Mohamed Hadid is launching a caviar line. Mohamed, who made his money building luxury hotels and estates, has been involved in a lengthy and expensive court battle over a $50 million home build – there’s a dizzying array of lawsuits, countersuits, allegations of extortions, payouts and accusations.

Chris Pratt was trending yesterday on Twitter for some alleged tweets that were Islamaphobic and using the n-word. Chris says they are fake and Twitter agreed. Now I get that people who don’t like Chris Pratt and he is easy to dunk on but this kind of misinformation needs to be handled better by Twitter. There is no chance these are real. Even if you do think Chris is capable of this, consider the timing of them (2012, 2013): he was on Parks and Recreation, a popular show, at that time and married to Anna Faris. These tweets would have absolutely have come out then. The lack of critical thinking and fact-checking online is frustrating and, as we’ve seen, can turn dangerous. 


Last night Chrissy Teigen was trending over a tweet she made about a waiter recommending a $13,000 bottle of wine for her and John and not telling them the price. As she said, it was not meant to be relatable and it isn’t. She knows it’s a lot of money but it’s not make-or-break money for them. Understandably, this upset and annoyed some people, particularly as right now as there’s so much anxiety around work and money, with no end in sight. Chrissy is in a unique position because she’s been so available and popular on Twitter that there was always going to be a backlash, but what I’ve noticed over the last year (maybe longer) is that, amongst a certain group of media people on Twitter, it’s very uncool to like Chrissy Teigen. She’s seen as corny and disingenuous. And the more people defend her, the more she is eyerolled.


Speaking of fights over wine, this is one I’ve mentioned and linked to before, it’s from 2019. Howard Stern took his staff out for dinner and Robin ordered the first bottle wine at Howard’s request, and the next day he complained it was too expensive. I am firmly Team Robin as I agree with her point that if she were paying, she would order in that price point and he is the one who continued to order after the first bottle, not checking the price. That is probably the last meal she ever let him pay for. 



Noah Centineo is either confirming his role in a Reddit Wall Street Bets movie or he is expressing interest in it, hoping to secure it. There’s no way a script can even be outlined yet, right? And I think that this is one story that requires a definitive ending and as of right now, the stock is still volatile.  

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