Tiffany Haddish should star in a movie about Cardi B’s first bikini wax. 

I couldn’t find a clear picture of Steven Tyler in the stands at the Super Bowl, but what does he have written on his forehead? Is it “Giselle” (her name is actually spelled Gisele). I don’t know any football player names, so I could be totally off. But in my mind, Steven Tyler attended the Super Bowl with Gisele’s name written on his forehead and I think that is awesome.


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How lit was Paddy’s Pub this weekend.


Rachel Bloom did a Dirty Laundry segment with Laura Brown from InStyle. Rachel is of course charming but you get the sense that Laura Brown doesn’t know what to make of her jorts.


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This is the photo equivalent of a Dear Penthouse letter.

Draper James is lowering its price point – dresses have been around $400-$600, and they will now run in the $150 range. Obviously they want to increase their sales volume. Another way to do that is to include more customers with extended sizing (Draper James currently goes up to 14/16). Personally, I’d consider Draper James if they modernized their cuts – some of the prints are great, but the styles rely heavily on fit-and-flare cuts and ruffle accents. It’s all very cinched.


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Lindsay Lohan says she’s working with, which actually isn’t the worst branding decision for her.


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Look I’m all for an ex being petty, but the reports of Bridget Moynahan shading TB are not accurate. She has long supported him and the Pats. Her commentary was pretty innocuous. 





Did we talk about Armie Hammer reactivating his Twitter account? He has. I guess he’s not worried about messing up an Oscars campaign anymore.


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