Diane Kruger is learning to ride a motorcycle. Do you think she is getting lessons from Norman?


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Have you read Stacy London’s piece in Refinery 29?  She delves into not just her health issues (she had major surgery) but the toll it took on her relationships, her mental health and her finances (medical bills, as well as her desire to splurge as a way of easing her post-surgery recovery, put a huge drain on her savings). If you have time this week, I’d recommend it.


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Remember when Stephen Dorff played a version of Justin Timberlake in the Everytime video? We should have listened. She was trying to warn us. 


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Serena Williams sighting! (This wasn’t a social call but a board meeting – Serena is Chairwoman of the Advisory Board for Oath, which aligns AOL and Yahoo brands under Verizon.)  


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No shade to Jenna Dewan but this looks like a mock magazine cover for women. Diets and G-spot hunting are so 90s. 


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W Mag has done the now-familiar “Lindsay Lohan comeback” story – she’s working on so many projects! You know how Lindsay does it, work work work. She has a cosmetics line, candles, and an haute couture clothing line on her plate. (What isn’t touched on is the one thing I’m interested in – how does she afford to live in Dubai?) And her Oscar hope is still alive: “I want to go because I have accomplished something great, and I just want to be there for the film. I don’t want any personal thoughts, or, I don’t want to come there with a statement of some kind. I just want to come there and say, ‘I’ve been aspiring to come here on the stage like all the Hollywood greats that I’ve looked up to my whole life—the Elizabeth Taylors, the Marlene Dietrichs, the Anne Baxters—and I’m here. Thank you.’ I just want to say thank you.” Lindsay Lohan, the eternal optimist. 


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This morning, I wrote about Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen’s breakup announcement, which doubled as his birthday card