Courteney Cox has only been on Instagram for a few days and I’m already hovering over the unfollow button.


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Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum have had a very amicable divorce… until now? There’s a report out of US Weekly (which of course is not slam dunk) that the custody agreement has been “challenging and emotional.” It’s about their daughter’s schedule and holidays. In his filing, Channing lists, in detail, activities the two do together, down to the TV shows they watch. And while the story notes there are some issues, nothing has gone nuclear. What is interesting is that this leaked the same week Jenna announced her book. Coincidence? Because that could turn something from touchy to contentious real quick. 


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Look, if any other celebrity said they were thinking of selling everything they own, I would eyeroll so hard. But it’s Lenny Kravitz. Has he ever lied, led us astray, been problematic, or disappointed us? Never. (This interview isn’t a straight-up puff piece, either, it’s about the charity that provides oral health care to communities in need.) My only question about his possessions is, what happened to the scarf? You know the one. If he does have it, I would assume it’s packed away at his place in Paris. 


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There’s been a lot of talk about bootcut jeans coming back, but what if we dug into the archives a little more and brought back whatever these are. Wide leg? That’s not exactly how I would define them because they are loose but straight, not flared. We should just call them 1996. 


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The Rock is someone who can say he’s considering running for President and also be totally apolitical in his persona – that’s how he’s done it up until now because he’s so damn likable. The trailer for a new documentary, produced by his Seven Bucks team, dives into a lot of systemic issues he has never really spoken on (voter suppression, cash bail, stand your ground, police brutality). The Rock is looking at an entire system, not a specific party and he’s doing it with some very contentious issues. Already the comments are a mess and he’s responded to a few. But when it comes down to choosing a side, can The Rock stomach the idea that some people will find him unlikable?


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Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s adorable daughter Kaavia has her own Instagram account and hashtag (#shadybaby) She is not tolerating our nonsense. 


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