Open Book is shaping up to be a juicy read (like Lainey, I’m slightly worried that they are giving all the juice for media). But there’s also collateral press, and Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are feeling the brunt of that. They are not big enough stars to make demands to the Today Show about what can and can’t be covered, which is how Jessica Simpson came up during their appearance (they are promoting their new show, Love is Blind). Hoda told them Jessica said they sent a lovely baby gift. Vanessa looked surprised and then, just as they were moving on, she clarified that they never sent Jessica baby gift.

I can see why Vanessa is salty about it because they (particularly Nick) have been unwillingly part of Jessica’s press tour and she is seems over it, justifiably so. Vanessa does a lot of hosting and live TV so I know she’s good on her feet, and she could have shut this down more smoothly. Same with her responses on Twitter – when you have to explain this much, you’ve lost.





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Kacey Musgrave deleted all her wedding photos off of Instagram (as well as photos of her husband) and that seemed to mean something. But maybe it didn’t? They’ve adopted a puppy and appeared together at New York Fashion Week. I’ve looked through her Instagram feed again and notice that it’s all work stuff and photos with other celebrities, so maybe that is the vibe she is going for - all business, no personal. 


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Quibi keeps churning out announcements, this time with Dr. Woo (who is a celebrity tattoo artist) and the Foster sisters. But where’s the content? Well I looked it up and they have a website -with previews! Elba vs. Block (Idris Elba precision driving reality show), Flipped (Will Forte and Kaitlin Olson as a wannabe HGTV couple) and The Fugitive, which is Kiefer Sutherland playing a Very Serious Federal Agent (who looks a lot like Jack Bauer) and Boyd Holbrook (underrated hottie, below with Pedro Pascal) as the fugitive. In this iteration, he is accused of terrorism. I wonder why they changed it from the original? I think it’s because maybe now we know, with overwhelming evidence, that when a woman is killed, it’s often by a domestic partner and not a mysterious “one armed man.” It’s hard to root for a guy whose wife is killed.

Anyway, Quibi is going to cost $4.99US a month – worth it? 


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This Matthew Perry announcement might allude to him joining Instagram (it’s not verified yet). I don’t think this is how they would announce a reunion, but I do think that joining Instagram has to do with putting a reunion together. 



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What would this Hallmark movie be called? Home is Where the Head Is.