Page Six has a follow-up on Pamela Anderson’s latest split (I’m not calling it a divorce because it’s unclear if they were legally married). A source told the paper, “Pamela does not operate on the same wavelength as other people. She has a huge heart and she loves big, fast and hard.” Pamela loves love! As to why they got divorced, sources said that she realized her mistake after a day and a half. Jon Peters was making calls to get her cast in a movie (something she does not want) and she realized he was too fame focused. A day and a half! Crockpots have longer settings than that. This is the same woman who handled Tommy Lee for three years. Even Kid Rock lasted four months. She married Rick Salomon twice. What I’m getting at here is that Pamela seems like a forgiving woman and Jon Peters didn’t last 48 hours.


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Jennifer Lopez is still basking in the post-Super Bowl glow, a performance that is getting almost unanimous praise for her and Shakira. Jennifer and Marc Anthony’s daughter Emme also performed and seems to be interested in the family business (she also appeared on Shades of Blue). Jennifer is clearly encouraging her, but how much? Does she worry about the spotlight? Because Emme is only 11. She doesn’t seem to have a public social media account and she’s not making videos on YouTube. But child stardom always comes with a price - and a huge risk. There has been an example that has worked: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett let Willow and Jaden choose their projects, and drop out of stuff (like the high-profile Annie). Jada repeatedly said her children were not working for the family and the paycheque was never a factor, so the pressure to land jobs was not there. They were not stage parents who were living through their children. Rather, it’s more like bringing your kids into the fold with a high level of control of their environment. They were focused on the creative aspect, not the monetary gains.

But how does Emme’s dad Marc Anthony feel about it? He posted that he was proud of her, one photo. Your daughter performs at the Super Bowl and it’s one photo? Even the most low-key parent would throw up some more shots. Marc recently baptized Cruz Beckham and he put up two photos of that. He also didn’t mention Jennifer, which strikes me as odd as they have always seemed to have a good relationship. What’s up?


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There’s a story behind Rob Lowe’s “Sports” hat. During the NFL playoffs, he was spotted in the stands wearing an NFL hat. Not a team logo, but literally the NFL logo. The Internet thought this was funny, like he picked up a display hat from Lids. Rob is more online than we give him credit for, and went gag at the Super Bowl. Hence “Sports.” Major dad joke. 


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I’ve read a few reviews for High Fidelity and they are all over the place which makes me even more curious about it. Inkoo Kang of The Hollywood Reporter wrote that one of the issues is the format: TV. “Cusack's Rob talked and talked to avoid confronting his own feelings, but the structure of a two-hour movie meant he had to shut up at some point to get on the road to redemption. Kravitz's character is less gabby, but even harder to put up with, since the theoretical limitlessness of TV storytelling means her pity party never has to end.” Rob Gordon was such a early 2000s f-ckboi. 


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Who do you think will sit between them, Leo’s mom or Brad’s mom? Jennifer Aniston is the long shot (can you imagine????). Still probably a better chance of her than Camila Morrone.


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