Leslie Jones is ready to give up on her live-tweeting of the Olympics. OK, this confused me because I thought it was a gig! Like I thought she was paid for all this work and not only is she not, but the powers-that-be are blocking her videos? This year, social media is as crucial as ever to the Olympics, which (no disrespect to the athletes) feel like an afterthought. Anything that drums up excitement (like Leslie does!) should thrill NBC. 


Kicking myself for not getting on this sooner: Starstruck is delightful! Charming, funny, endearing, smart – it’s like a mix between Bridget Jones’s Diary, Fleabag, and Notting Hill. The premise is just so brilliant. Binge season one because season two is coming.


January Jones is taking her great social media presence to TikTok, where she started with a video of a “placenta” mask, which she later points out is not a placenta mask. It looks like Masque Vivant from Biologique Recherche. Unfortunately, I’m completely addicted to this product line and it expensive, difficult to find, many of the products smell weird, and there are minimal instructions about ingredients or how to use them. It’s torture shopping for it as most places require a log-in before they will let you see the price and availability. I think she said “placenta” because there is a BR placenta serum (which is not made of placenta, but meant to mimic it) that I use daily for redness and dark spots. When I get down to half a bottle, I start to panic and the ordering process starts all over again. The hold this stuff has on me is ridiculous.


Lainey has a very balanced and nuanced take on the Awkwafina post over the weekend. What’s nagging at me, and what Lainey points out, is why this weekend? Is it because there’s maybe a bigger announcement coming and she wants to get out in front in it or is it because the dominant conversation on Twitter over the weekend was about Joe Rogan’s repeated use of that word. Could it be that she and her team (who don’t seem to be doing her any favours) were hoping that, in comparison, that other controversy would minimize her mistakes? 

Anne Hathaway disappears between projects, which is probably great for her mental health and home life. When she does do promo, she works hard at it and her clothes are part of that. This purple Valentino is gorgeous on her. Stunning. She has a strong relationship with the house, even though the year she won her Oscar, she did a last-minute swap from Valentino to Prada because she thought her dress was too similar to Amanda Seyfried’s Alexander McQueen gown. Clearly there are no hard feelings.


Four words that bring Twitter to its knees, every time.