“Kind of” like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? I read the article and the premise is exactly the same, but it’s set in a different city and the genders are reversed. (And The New Yorker’s TV critic and Pulitzer winner Emily Nussbaum makes the point that a man following a woman to another city isn’t exactly the charming romantic tale we want right now.)


Gisele is clarifying her Super Bowl remarks, saying her words were twisted and she never used the phrase “let them win.” (With back-up from a Wahlberg.)

Do you think Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are wedding planning, or waiting until GoT wraps?


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Rosario Dawson is a guest star on Jane the Virgin this season, playing a mysterious lawyer. I don’t know a lot about her career (or specifically recall any of her films) so I didn’t know she has a great voice. It’s not exactly husky, but it’s deep. You don’t hear a lot of deep female voices on TV. 


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Have you read Prep? It’s one of my favourite books and being made into a series at HBO. (It’s on the list of Lainey’s All Time Reads.)  There’s a scene I remember in the book when Lee, the shy protagonist who is fascinated and intimidated by her glamorous classmates, hangs with the cool kids, Cross Sugerman (that name!!!) and Dede. After spending a little time with them, she sees that they are average and completely unremarkable, even though the bubble of high school (specifically this prep school) has deemed them special and enviable. This video of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran reminded me of that scene. 


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Kevin Hart looks like he got caught sneaking a candy out of the bulk bin.


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Here are Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas out together in New York at the end of last month.