We haven’t had a good “I was asleep when my publicist called” Oscar reaction this year but Emily Blunt has come in strong with the “I was picking up dog poop.” So she’s in the critically acclaimed, major box office film directed by Christopher Nolan with a full studio campaign behind her but she wasn’t waiting around for the call with her team on standby. No no, she was on poop patrol. 


The only thing that could have topped this is if she would have said she forgot nominations were coming out that day.


Wow I am really going in on the celebrities today but this kind of made me laugh. Jack Quaid said he was surprised to be chosen as the voice of Superman because in his words, “I don’t look the part". Ummmmm you mean the traditionally white, brown-haired everyman part? Why is this man constantly negging himself? Nepo baby syndrome. 


OK now that I’ve sassed two celebrities, here’s an update on Sydney Sweeney. A few people posted viral TikTok videos, theorizing she did not work at Universal Studios after she had mentioned it in a couple of interviews. According to this report from The Hollywood Reporter, she did work there for a couple of months. Justice for Sydney Sweeney! Like I wrote at the time, even if she did lie, this is exactly the kind of off-kilter fib we can tolerate from a celebrity. 


Emily Ratajkowski is going to be in the new Lena Dunham project and it’s going to tear TikTok apart. 


Kaia Gerber has started a book club called Library Science. There are a few celebrity book clubs: Emma Roberts, Emma Watson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mindy Kaling and of course Reese Witherspoon all have their own version. This is Kaia’s starter list. Do you think she uses a book stylist? Yes that’s a real thing. 


Bella Hadid took some time off and now seems to be splitting her time between modeling and cowgirling. This is impressive and she seems quite content.