Kim is ten steps ahead of Kanye with this Vogue shoot. Even the styling of kids, in fairly “normal” and colourful clothes and not head-to-toe black Balmain, is appealing to both the Vogue readership and the PEOPLE Magazine audience.


It’s not a great week for Kanye: Azealia Banks cleared him on social media in the way only she can, talking about “dirty steaks at LES dive bars” (a reference to the NYC restaurants he’s been frequenting, like Lucien) and “Julia’s horrible coolsculpting” and how he speaks about his daughter and their mother. So much of this is playing out online and this is part of the conversation – there were multiple mentions of Azealia’s post in my timeline this week. Kim is using old-school prestige media combined with her online brand to move forward with her story. This cover is the same tactic Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner used after their big splits. It’s movie star meets influencer. 


Up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t know what Kith was but I was at an airport and there were three teens checking in with their mom and each teen had four huge Kith bags filled with clothes and shoes and the airline attendant told them to check some of the bags. (Come on people, it’s one carry-on and one personal item per person, everyone knows that!). The teens were SO mad and didn’t want to pack their Kith bags in the suitcase and took it out on their frazzled mom and I was like WTF is Kith? Well clearly I’m not in the know because Steve Buscemi is in the SS22 campaign and the fits are really great. Do those teens know who Steve Buscemi is?


Amy Schumer released a trailer for her new Hulu series Life & Beth and it’s very much in the Amy Schumer lane of rom-com anti-hero, which we know because she has a messy ponytail and sometimes wears sweatpants and says things like, “I’m never dating again.” Oh and she’s 40 (the most tragic thing a rom-com heroine can be!) and surrounded by no-nonsense Black women and quirky sidekicks and a clearly perfect man who she never thought she’d fall for but obviously does. I’m not immune to rom-com tropes (in fact, I love them) but this feels like a slightly elevated Hallmark movie. 


Georgia Pritchett is not a household name but she is one of the most prolific and celebrated TV writers working today (Veep, Succession, The Tracy Ullman Show, The Shrink Next Door and many more). Her book, My Mess is a Bit of a Life, is now available in the US and her famous co-workers, who heavily supported the UK release, are coming out again. There are some clever pictures, I appreciate the effort they put in because it shows how much they appreciate the work she does for them. Any interview with the Succession cast includes them praising the writers’ room as much as possible. It seems like an obvious thing, but some insecure actors behave as if the words appeared out of thin air.