Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi reportedly broke up in November and there are reports she’s now dating Austin Butler. I’m not sure if the rumour is true or not but I think we should appreciate that Kaia is dating like a supermodel (even if she hasn’t reached that status). Today’s top models seem to date a lot of tech bros and heirs, but back in the olden days (the 90s), it was wall-to-wall rockstars, movie stars, and messy businessmen. The Hadids have also kept the 90s tradition alive with their romantic choices and it’s just better for gossip. 


Martha Stewart’s caption is so funny to me because of the way she describes Pete Davidson and Antoni’s careers – a little bio for each of them. And she tagged Kim Kardashian, which many would shy away from doing but not her. It’s a very a “I’m an 80-year-old hot bitch – what are you going to do about it?” move. 

I was talking about The Flight Attendant with someone yesterday and this is NEWS. Sharon Stone (another hot bitch) is going to play Kaley Cuoco’s mom. Great casting choice, obviously.


NBC’s new show That’s My Jam looks like one of those shows that will burn hot and bright for a few seasons and then fizzle out (it’s hard to keep the excitement up and guest star quality starts to dwindle eventually). Rita Ora and Taika Waititi appeared together alongside Taraji P. Henson and Normani, a very good looking and famous panel. And Rita and Taika have been Instagram and red carpet official for awhile, but this makes them TV official. There’s a comfort to appearing on something like this together, no? I think it’s another level of seriousness. 


Do you want to talk about Bruno? If you know what I’m talking about, you’ve seen Encanto at least once. I say “at least” because for many of us, it’s on repeat. And I don’t mind at all, it’s delightful and clever. The Madrigals have swagger. The music is moving up the Billboard charts, so much so that it’s sharing a headline with Adele.


When I wrote about the curious case of the Currys “open marriage” (according to a report on MSN that was quickly pulled down), I wondered if they would respond. Ayesha Curry has, to a commenter on Instagram, shutting it down. Is that an effective way to do it? I understand her urge to defend her marriage, but from a PR perspective, the original rumour was dead and this kicked it back up. Now there’s a fresh round of clickbaity headlines.