Thank you to everyone who sent me this video of Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor. Read Ava DuVernay’s caption – it’s emotional and also factual.  Some people are chosen and lifted and some are ignored. Every year there’s a group of actors who are heavily backed by studios and agencies. It costs a lot of money to be nominated for an Oscar. (If you watch the ceremony this year, keep an eye on the presenters who you don’t really know, not the massive names; those are ones being prepped for next year.) None of it happens by accident. 


Well what about Lily Gladstone? She’s an exception and literally making history. Look who Lily has backing her – a massive movie star and one of the most prestigious living directors. On top of delivering a brilliant performance, that’s the kind of push it takes to even be part of the award show conversation. Or if we think back to last year, Andrea Riseborough’s personal circle advocated for her. And it worked – she got her nomination with a lot of movie star support. Origin is being distributed by NEON, an indie company that doesn’t have big studio money. And that’s what lifts certain performances: money. Money is public relations, money is press junkets, money is hiring a stylist for red carpets, money is TV commercials. Oppenheimer’s marketing budget is reportedly between $65-$100 million and Barbie’s is over $100 million. 


It’s not just cute Barbenheimer memes, but both of those teams have done a great job of making it look organic when it is highly calculated. And very, very expensive. 

After less than 24 hours, Selena Gomez is back on Instagram. She posted a story about cooking with Gordon Ramsay, a breakfast turkey burger. Maybe she doesn’t consider this being “back” because it’s a work promo. 


I watched a few minutes and camera blocking for this is so strange because when they are at the stove, their backs are to the audience. (Side note: Gordon Ramsay scrambled eggs are a pain in the butt but sooooooo worth it.)



I have a friend who is obsessed with these two and gives me the rundown of each podcast episode. She was very excited to tell me all about this one.

Page Six is reporting that Robert F. Kennedy had to cancel his birthday party because no celebrities would show up. I guess his wife couldn’t get Larry David to come? 


Anyway, the real reason I’m posting is because Dionne Warwick’s publicist’s statement is sending me. “And to avoid any confusion that might have been left, her rep added in bold via email: “Ms. Warwick has NO association or affiliation whatsoever with Senator Robert F. Kennedy Jr.” They added, “She will not nor will [she ever] attend any events or fundraisers in connection with [RFK Jr.].” 

She didn’t just say no, she said f-ck no and lose my number!


JLo and Brie Larson had a moment at the Golden Globes and they should star in a comedy together, directed by Ben Affleck. What am I even saying, JLo is five steps ahead and probably already has a script and it’s in pre-production. 

Attached: Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor at the Governors Awards the other night.