Seal came for Oprah. It’s never a good time to come for Oprah, but this week is especially bad timing on his part. So he backtracked, saying that it’s not Oprah he has a problem with, but Hollywood hypocrisy as it pertains to men like Harvey Weinstein. Seal was married to Heidi Klum for almost 10 years and during that time became even more famous and wealthy because of her work on Project Runway. When they split, I imagine she had quite a bit more money than him. I wonder about the details of that settlement -- did he get any of her Project Runway money, or the benefits that came with it (like residuals)? Project Runway was co-produced by The Weinstein Company (after the scandal broke, Harvey was removed as Executive Producer). I’m sure if Seal is pocketing any of those Project Runway coins, he’s returning them. He wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite.


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Yikes this is bad. Her follow-up wasn’t great, either.


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Comedian and The Good Place (which is so good!) writer Megan Amram is the preeminent Javanka expert. Have you read Jared’s Harvard admissions essay

Have you heard the new buzzword? Micro-cheating. It’s described as small actions (physical and emotional) that happen outside of a committed relationship. But I want to know if it applies to work spouses, which many people have. Sharing private jokes, complaining about co-workers, waiting in line at the ramen place every Wednesday – is that a form of infidelity, or perfectly acceptable and stress-relieving socialization and friendship?


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As I mentioned earlier this week, Nicole Kidman and Natalie Portman joined Instagram. The next person who I can see getting a public account is Michelle Williams. Busy posts photos and video of her all the time, so she can’t be totally adverse to social media.


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This is actually an improvement on his usual expression.


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Zayn is 25 – and he and Gigi are more than fine. 


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