Naomi Campbell never misses a birthday and this one hits with excellent photos and a detailed caption celebrating both their close friendship and Mary’s legacy. Naomi does these posts often and she definitely writes them because the tone is so specific and personal, but do you think she types them out herself or does she dictate to an assistant? And who decides on the emojis? 


How long did Drake ruminate on this caption. At least 20 minutes. 

This post encapsulates the hustle (and madness?) of lifestyle brand building. She wedged a hair serum and a toaster oven (which is part of her new-ish Cook With Beautiful kitchen line) into one post. 


It was Yolanda Hadid’s birthday, and usually her kids go all-out on social media. Bella posted on her feed but Gigi only posted a story, not in her main feed. She probably didn’t want to draw attention to the drama with Zayn which, considering what a shocking story it was, passed pretty quickly. 


JLo is always ready to promote her work, she is never “off”, but going into a movie promotion, for a rom-com in which she plays a superstar, with Ben by her side? Next level epic. My only quibble is that I really want to see this movie and I hope they put it on streaming immediately as I’m still not going to the theatre.