Justin Timberlake is playing a show in Memphis, the first post since he wiped his Instagram. There’s probably new music coming too. It seems unlikely that a full *NSYNC reunion will happen because I don’t think JT could take being one of five again. 


I don’t think there’s a secret tour planned either because Joey Fatone is touring with AJ McLean. If there was a reunion tour in the works, he’d be in rehearsals. 


People are freaking out over Zendaya unfollowing Tom Holland. It’s nothing, she unfollowed everyone. If she isn’t even following Beyoncé, clearly there’s a reason for it. Tom doesn’t even use Instagram.


Jamie Dornan started as a model and is still a model. The chunky sweater looks great on him and I know it’s a composition choice, but Loewe ads often feature ludicrously capacious bags. 

Remember how I said Ben Affleck is the happiest guy in Hollywood because he doesn’t have to perform it for us on red carpets? I compared it to social media where, more often than not, people post about what they wish they were rather than what they really are. So this story caught my eye – a “source” told US Weekly that John Legend and Chrissy Teigen prioritize being hot for each other.


She also posted this compilation on Instagram. Tie this post to the story, which would have been handed to US Weekly on a silver platter (no way they went looking for it) and it comes across as them trying to tell us how hot they are for each other. Why? They have four small kids, no one is expecting them to be swinging from the chandeliers. 


I don’t follow Julianne Hough super closely but I love the way she’s wearing her hair right now and this dress is pretty cool and different. The structure, cut and oversized sequins are interesting. 


Page Six has an exclusive about TNT – a summer engagement. Look, I’m not saying they will get engaged or they won’t get engaged, but I am saying that Page Six knows about as much I do. And I don’t know sh-t. Their reporting has come out wrong and strong Taylor (remember when they said her friends were concerned about the relationship?) and these stories seem planted to me. And not in a friendly way.

Ariana Grande is saying it with her whole chest, according to her. That’s what she says about herself. Because in her personal life it looked like she’s keeping SpongeBob on the DL.