I once worked for someone who, inspired by a trend in Silicon Valley, encouraged everyone to come up with their own job title. I can’t remember what I used, I think it was a pretty basic description of my job, like “copy editor” or something. I did not have Jaden’s confidence or creativity.

The guy I keep telling you is super hot had a baby. They named him Day. I wonder what Duana thinks about this, because am I crazy to kind of like it?

The Sexual Predator Advent Calendar (it’s a year-long thing, not just for the holidays) is now seeping into the fashion world, with allegations made by male models against Mario Testino and Bruce Weber. Vogue in particular does a lot of work with Mario, which is now on indefinite hold. (I’m using this photo because I’d rather look at Serena and Alexis than at Bruce or Mario – and it’s probably Mario’s last American Vogue cover.)


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Katy Perry’s American Idol wardrobe is not coming together well. There is a style instinct that seems to be missing here –  this is not color-blocking or monochromatic, but it’s also not clashing. Three shades of pink, two versions of stonewash, hoop earrings that don’t stand out because of the fur collar, and a severe brow and lip (which was probably supposed to juxtapose the feminine pinks) – there’s too much going on. I think she should lean into her hair more, let that be the focal point of more of her looks (especially for TV). 


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 Adele has all the feelings for the woman who feels it all.


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I’m pretty picky about my housewares – I use all white dishes, have only two types of glasses for all drinks, separate my spices into mason jars like a basic bitch – I like things very tidy and uniform. But my mug collection is a mess of Star Wars characters, Christmas cups (that get used year-round) and novelty mugs. Are coffee cups the “junk drawer” of kitchens?


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Kelly Clarkson recently made some remarks about spanking that did not go over well with some (and went over very well with others). PEOPLE recently ran a story with the headline, “Photographic Proof Kelly Clarkson Is Raising the Two Happiest Children on the Planet.” A little PR work? If I was on her team, I’d also suggest she turn her off Instagram comments for the time being. 


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What do you think he said about Drake’s outfit? I quite like the quilted pullover.


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