Rebel Wilson did something completely taboo on Instagram – she acknowledged weight gain (even posting the actual number) and said it makes her feel bad even though it shouldn’t. But it does. And that is honest but also very against the grain of the kind of blanket body positivity expected on social media, which simply doesn’t work for a lot of people. 


And for an actress like Rebel, whose body has been a part of her work (remember, her character was called “Fat Amy” in Pitch Perfect), she’s damned if she does lose weight (because then it feels like a capitulation to the maddening standards) and if she doesn’t lose weight, her body is a constant talking about body positivity, even if she doesn’t feel positive about it. 


Rebel’s post about her weight made me think of Crystal Kung Minkoff on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, who in a recent episode said the rampant Ozempic use in LA (and, um, on her own cast) has been a trigger for her. (She has spoken really openly about having an eating disorder.) The interesting thing with Ozempic is that – at least when it comes to Housewives, who are more likely to admit taking it than other celebrities – they are already thin, even without the medication. If people are a size 2 and taking it to be a size 00, where does it end? 


It’s like Reese Witherspoon photocopied herself. 


First Vanity Fair and now Vogue. Renee Rapp is the moment at 24. She was on WWHL and said she was ageist (clearly she’s being droll) and when asked to elaborate, she specifically called out Millennials. Gen X’ers are sitting quietly in the corner trying not to piss off Renee Rapp. 

The Rock announced a Christmas movie with Chris Evans. In January. The movie poster looks like it was made in Canva.


Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco hosted a pajama party for Nicola Peltz-Beckham. I want to know what dishes Benny made. I feel like that’s a really important detail and we didn’t get any photos. 

Adriana DeBose didn’t find a (pretty mild) joke about “actors who think they are singers” funny at the Critics’ Choice Awards. She’s been in Broadway musicals, of course she can sing. Jack Black has been in Tenacious D forever, of course he can sing. I think it was a clumsy joke but not criminal. 

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