Can I interest you in 50 seconds of joy today? Watch this clip of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin this morning on Today. It starts when Lily gently ribs Jane about her plastic surgery (it’s more a joke about their age). The hosts giggle, but try to move on. Jane doesn’t want them to move on though. How long do you think she’s been waiting to use, “Who are you, Megyn Kelly?” in an interview? Jane Fonda does not forget. Hoda and Savannah try to keep it together, Lily hoots and claps in appreciation and Jane sits back, cool-y satisfied in her perfect execution. 

It seems like Selena’s relationship with her mother is quite unstable right now. Does her mom replying to Instagram comments and giving interviews to outlets like Gossip Cop help the situation?


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Danica Patrick was pretty quick to confirm that she is dating Aaron Rodgers.  


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The magical powers of Riri. 


Nikki Reed has designed a line of jewelry for the lifestyle brand she co-founded, Bayou With Love. The pieces are made (at least in part) from recycled Dell computer parts. 


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What kind of credentials does one need to be The Rock’s strength and conditioning coach? He must be able to bench press 200 pounds with his penis or something. 


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Is a Jonas Brothers reunion cause for a freak-out? They are together all the time.


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As I’ve said many times, I adore The Good Place. And today, I’m wondering what kind of conversations are happening while the actors are in hair and makeup. Kristen Bell retweeted an Atlantic article “The Humiliation of Aziz Ansari.” (That doesn’t necessarily mean she agrees with all the points made, but it does mean she wants other people to read it.) Her castmate, Jameela Jamil published her thoughts on the conversation happening around consent and it is getting some enthusiastic attention from other writers, actors and cultural critics. (To read Sarah’s piece from earlier today, click here.)