The Office is ready to be adapted – again. Deadline is reporting that Greg Daniels is working on a not-quite-reboot of the US version of The Office with a new cast and new workplace, but set in the same world. 


What kind of workplaces do you think are being explored? My guess is warehouses, like an Amazon warehouse. Dunder Mifflin would be a work-from-home situation in a post-Covid world. Office parks (quite an oxymoron) are empty. That whole kind of workplace culture (pretzel day, casual Friday, office birthday parties) has really died. Another option would be a government office, but I feel like that was already done with Parks & Rec. (Did you know Brian Baumgartner is one of the highest-earning stars on Cameo? Reports put him at around a million dollars for 2023.)


Sheryl Lee Ralph said she wants Denzel Washington to cameo on Abbott Elementary as her brother and she heard Meryl Streep is a possibility. Friends had a ton of A-list cameos (Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Reese Witherspoon) and that was back when there was a pretty hard line between movie stars and TV stars. The landscape has changed a lot (Meryl does TV now!) but you don’t see a lot of A-listers on traditional network shows. If it were going to happen, Abbott makes the most sense. The quality is top-notch, it’s a hot show and there are so many storyline possibilities. And I really do think this show is going to turn into the Friends of its generation. I hope the cast gets that Friends money, too. 


What more can be said about Jeremy Allen White’s monster year, Calvin Klein ad and rotation on the pap stroll? He is everywhere. And I was thinking back to last year when he won a Golden Globe, his thank you to his now ex, her caption about him. A few months later she filed for divorce and now he’s making out with Rosalìa. It’s all very heightened, the early days of fame. But man that’s a lot to happen in a year. 


OK I actually fully believe this caption. Oprah seems like she gives great hugs. And smells really nice. 


This story kind of makes me chuckle because it’s been such a messy divorce. Kevin Costner’s ex Christine Costner is dating some guy name Josh Conner. His name was brought up in divorce proceedings and her lawyer said they were just friends. Kevin Costner got the “guy she told you not to worry about” treatment. And I’m chuckling because in the tabloid world, it’s not like Josh and Christine are drawing on their own names. It’s all about their connection to Kevin. So a “source” went to People (which labeled this an exclusive). Why? The petty level is high. Sky high. This is a jab.