This Gal Gadot post was lambasted all over Twitter this weekend because the tone is very “2014 fashion influencer” – there’s something so basic about it. Gal is a celebrity whose public image doesn’t line up with her social media image (thanks, in part, to the “Imagine” video). She leads a superhero franchise, she books the biggest jobs (like Red Notice and Cleopatra) and she is stunning, but online, she’s a punchline. In that way, she’s very much like Chris Pratt and Jeremy Renner. 


If I’m grocery shopping and I turn down an aisle and see a woman doing this, I’m not amused. I’m not entertained. I’m not thinking she’s adorably kooky. Grab your sh-t and go so we can socially distance. 

Interesting timing, Chloe Sevigny. Some people are not ready to process the Jason Mamoa/Lisa Bonet breakup yet but it’s done. And we know he likes cool women. Lisa Bonet is the f-cking coolest. Chloe Sevigny is also a forever It Girl. 


This weekend I watched three episodes of Abbot Elementary and it’s so charming and delightful. The cast, led by show co-creator Quinta Brunson, is perfect. Comedies are always shaky at the beginning (you can never judge what a show will be by the pilot) and workplace comedies like 30 Rock, The Office, and Parks and Rec take a minute to find their rhythm. Abbot Elementary found it very quickly. 

JLo is in full-press promo for Marry Me, it’s practically taken over her Instagram feed. She hasn’t done a lot of podcasts in the past but her co-star in this, Sarah Silverman, has a podcast where she takes “calls” and gives advice. I would love to hear JLo as her guest host. They follow one another on Instagram, which is a start. JLo seems to really like funny people (she’s close with Leah Remini, who is very funny, and so is Ben). This is a celebrity friendship I’d be very interested in. 


Post Game of Thrones (and since having a baby), Sophie Turner’s has been pretty quiet on the career front. Is this Louis Vuitton watch campaign a sign that she’s getting back to work? Not that there’s a rush for her; she’s only 25. She came off a massively popular TV show with a huge cast and it’s easy to get lost in all that noise. Taking a minute to recalibrate is healthy for a career. 


Why do celebrities constantly tell on themselves? Ginnifer Goodwin was on a podcast and told an anecdote about offering up her husband’s sperm to a friend (as a donor). Both the husband and the friend were not into the idea but, um, is this supposed to be cute? Or endearing? Or make Ginnifer seem a certain way? Because no one should be offering another person’s sperm or eggs. I think that is an obvious statement.